Harnessing the Power of You – Live DVD


When you want your people to turn their innate potential into actual performance, this is the program to book. It is an energizing, inspirational presentation that leaves your people fired up, excited about what they can do, and ready to get to work. They will be captivated, as Alvin shares his own story of rising from childhood abandonment to extraordinary success.

They will learn how to succeed, even if they are not the most beautiful, talented or the fastest person in the game. They’ll learn how to discover their life purpose and then pursue their dreams and aspirations.

This program focuses on creating the general mindset and thinking necessary to eliminate negative expectations, overcome obstacles, and triumph over adversity. Your people will discover the secrets to outperform the expectations of those who do not believe in them, and will create their own positive belief. They will develop a powerful new way of thinking that makes them unstoppable in achieving, attaining and becoming whatever they desire.

This is the perfect opening keynote to set the tone of your conference, or the closing keynote to send people out the door excited and ready to take action!

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