“Alvin did an outstanding job. Participants truly loved him for his comments and leadership style during the week . . . a great job of presenting . . . certainly the right person for the job.”

John Perry, Sales Training Manager Procter & Gamble

Staying in School: “John” dropped out of college, saying his parents just wanted him to grow up as a bourgeois like them. He read If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I in the summer, changed his mind , and re-enrolled in Harvard for September to finish his degree

Harvard University Dropout Student,
Bronx, NY

“I have worked alongside Alvin and have directly experienced the impact of his attitude and energy on our people and our business.”

Sam Mitchell, President The Valvoline Company

“You are the most dynamic personal development speaker I have personally listened to.”

Lester R. Nathan, President & CEO RESULTS Management & Marketing, Inc.

The leadership training impacted me. In the past two quarterly reviews, my manager (Thom) repeatedly told me that he was impressed with the energy I had, the amount and quality of work I did, and the positive feedback he heard from other departments about me. My wife commented that she has noticed that I have been coming to work happy and going home happy everyday in the past several months (except the PS2 training days when I was nervous!). Next Monday is my 12th anniversary with Valvoline; again I am confident and eager to embrace the future.

Dr. George Zhang, New Products Development Valvoline

“I love to hear Alvin speak! He is not only highly engaging and delightful as he shares his powerful stories and word-paintings, Alvin also touches the very core of people’s souls with his magnetic presence.”

Paula Bellingham, CEO Unlimited Living International

“Alvin points out the simple truths that have withstood the test of time and clearly shows, regardless of your talents, the way to maximize your potential and achieve self-contentment.”

Michael Welling, Vice President Unilever Canada

The “presentation was informative and very practical. I particularly like the fact that the presenter is a man of God.

Atlee Shaw
National Commercial Bank, NCB

Excellent! It indicates that if an individual takes personal responsibility for excellent performance and hold themselves accountable it can drive productivity.

Alexander Reid,
PetroJam, Jamaica Ltd.

“You are a profound communicator. Thank you for the important truths you have shared with my clients and me. The name Alvin Day belongs in the same sentence as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.”

Henry DeVries, President DeVries/Communications, Inc.

“After spending a day with Alvin, our entire organization was hungry to win in the marketplace. He ignited in them a burning passion for personal excellence. I have rarely seen them so fired up. His principles and techniques are inspirational, entertaining and practical at the same time.”

Yolanda Guerrero, Director Colgate-Palmolive Company

The workshop was informative and engaging. Mr. Day related his story in such a way that his message was powerful and inspiring. The strategies and tactics imparted were useful and very relevant to work and personal life.

Kharla Robertson National Commercial Bank, NCB