Workplace Professionalism

Workplace Professionalism – The PCARP Best Practices

Your products, output and offer will never live up to their true potential unless the operating environment is characterized by professionalism—a primary catalyst that leads to excellence and high performance.

Professionalism is only partly a function of individual attitudes and practices. Importantly, it is also a function of corporate, organizational processes and standards that holds individuals accountable while rewarding them for excellence and compliance.

It will improve performance, attitude and esprit de corps, as well as generate measurable performance improvements.



This work is based on the Best Practices PCARP method; it provides powerful tools for driving an organization to excellence on a daily basis. Participants gain clarity on:

  • The differences between individual and organizational professionalism;
  • The impact on productivity, performance and rewards;
  • The small tactical factors that produce huge effects—dress, grooming, etiquette and demeanor as examples;
  • The huge, important factors that are show stoppers and momentum builders—respect, integrity and work ethic as examples;
  • During the session, participants rigorously evaluate the company and generate a cumulative PCARP professionalism score.




This work leads to a more constructive work environment that supports high performance. This includes:

  • Keeping the company out of trouble by minimizing typical grievances such as sexual harassment, racism and nepotism;
  • More positive employee attitudes and collaborative working relations
  • Dignity and respect for all, leading to greater job satisfaction
  • An overall sense of fairness and equity where rewards go to those that deserve them.



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