Public Speaking

The most under-rated source of powerful leadership is the ability to deliver a presentation that moves people to think and act differently.

Leadership at its highest level is not just doing excellent work using your technical competencies; rather it is multiplication and duplication—getting others to grow their competencies and leadership.

One leader is charged with passion, vision and mission. She stands before an audience of 100 to present it all to them. At the end of the presentation, two outcomes are possible

1. We still have one leader charged with passion, vision and mission;

—OR —

2. We now have 101 people charged with the same passion, vision and mission. Why? The presenter has expertly affected and “infected” the audience to feel, think and know what she does on the subject. They cannot help but internalize her content and feelings. She is a true leader because she has multiplied herself. Now she doesn’t have to do the work alone; she doesn’t have to push her helpers using her title or position— now, she leads by attracting a following.

This course produces dramatic and immediate changes in your leaders, unlike any other public speaking course we have seen. The success stories abound.



How do we accomplish this? We drive participants to conscious competence using the four factors of the Best Practices Public Speaking model: Messenger, Message, Method and Medium. In this small group setting, every participant gets to present, critique and be critiqued. It is always a high energy, interactive session that participants enjoy.



They emerge more confident and less nervous. They learn simple structures to present with poise and power every time they deliver to an audience. They also gain clarity of thought and the ability to “feel” an audience. In addition, they develop the power to enroll others with mere words.

CLICK HERE for success stories from leaders whose lives changed during the course of this session…both the business and personal.


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