Personality Types & Temperaments

Personality Types – Leading All Types and Temperaments

Leading people can become an exercise in the complicated and the unpredictable. However, we provide an extremely simple system for understanding people’s innate wiring and personality traits. This model is intuitive, accurate and practical.

Great leaders have remarkable power to lead people, irrespective of their personality traits. This power leads to enhanced cooperation, productivity, results and rewards.



The course leads to clear, intuitive understanding of The People Factor:

  • Knowledge of the unavoidable differences in how people are constructed and wired
  • Clarity that, in itself, differences are good and needed in a healthy organization or team;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each personality type;
  • The value of pursuing people’s strengths instead of merely directing them to improve in their areas of weakness;
  • Personal evaluation to determine your own traits;
  • Exercises to identify personality traits of key team members or direct reports; and
  • Commitments to changes intended for specific co-workers in the areas of communication, goal achievement and overall treatment.



First, participants begin to understand themselves much better—why they feel and act the way they do when interacting with other people.

Both business and personal relationship begin to improve immediately, leading to increasing levels of collaboration, performance and results.

Second and importantly, they gain improved ability to relate to people different from them, across personality types: how they want to be treated; how to communicate with them better; and how to enroll and gain their support.


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