Meeting Management

Meeting Management –Making Meetings Generate Profit

Too many meetings are held to discuss and share information. Many are routine and consume valuable productivity hours. One UCLA study shows that executives spend 40% to 50% of their work hours in meetings and that up to 50% of the time spent in meeting is unproductive. Yet, meetings can become powerful contributors to the bottom line…but how many of your key leaders have ever gone through rigorous meeting training?



Leaders will be better able to make meetings shorter and more impacting for all types of meetings—to inform, persuade, decide or create. We show how to manage the four types of meeting attendees; to recognize their strengths and weaknesses; and, how to get them to work together for more robust, effective meeting outcomes.



We will show your leaders how to run meetings that get more done in less time, with fewer people. They will learn to avoid calling some meetings by substituting faster, more effective methods. Following our principles and practices will lead to meetings that contribute to the company bottom line, directly or indirectly.


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