Leadership Communications

Much time is wasted putting out needless fires due to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, political insensitivity and the sheer inability to express a thought with singular clarity and purpose. Company systems can flow smoothly, both operationally and attitudinally, when: adequate, established communication processes and standards are in place and when communication competencies are high and effective.



Simple and practical, but extremely powerful, this course delivers techniques to improve productivity and effectiveness in communication—face to face, by telephone, in writing and using email. This is an interactive workshop that engages leaders and helps them sharpen their skills and learn new techniques for leading with words!



The improvement in communication leads quickly to improvement in productivity, except that it also brings the trailer effect of improved relationships and a better working environment.

We utilize proven techniques and strategies to build competency and effectiveness at the individual and team levels. However, at a more macro level, when we find structural gaps in the company systems and processes needed for effective communication, leaders walk away with the mandate to open the discussion and seek improvements in these areas.


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