Intrapreneurship – Running the Business Like you Own it

The street vendor selling food from a lunch cart on 42nd street in New York—if he has been doing so successfully for a few years—is a better businessperson than many corporate leaders…even executives! Why? Because the street vendor doesn’t have multiple departments to depend on for production, marketing, administration—or any of departmental functions available in the typical corporation; success on the street demands a General Management with entrepreneurial leadership!

Successful small business entrepreneurs, like a general manager, must manage sales, marketing, site selection, public relations, inventory, and everything else to make their business successful—albeit on a simpler, lower level than in corporate. Some corporate leaders can become myopic by focusing narrowly on one or a few disciplines, operating their departments like isolated silos.



Intrapreneurship is a workshop that inculcates the skills, strategies and resilience of an entrepreneur on the inside of the corporation. Participants learn how to avoid the Industrial Age mentalities that lead to corporate failures in the Information Age; how to vend value; Level III Thinking; mastering both juggling and focus; how and when to break the rules; and, a different approach to failure.



Coined from Gifford Pinchot’s book Intrapreneuring, this leadership work opens up the thinking and delivers winning strategies and approaches to participants. They become more comfortable with ambiguity; make better decisions based on facts AND feeling; gain an increased sense of ownership for the business they run; and, learn to tolerate and manage risk.

Two or three qualified intrapreneurs can revolutionize your company to produce dramatically improved results.

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