Intellectual Horsepower

Intellectual Horsepower—Leadership Leverage Coaching

Today’s executive quandary: Pressured to deliver bottom line results every month, juggling too many projects per week, there is little or no time left to grow intellectually; meanwhile, the marketplace continues to change with increasing speed and old business processes are being replaced with new. How do your leaders keep pace without the threat of burnout?



Intellectual Horsepower expands the thinking and mental capacity of your leaders. We revisit basic, taken for granted assumptions that limit our scope, possibilities and perception of reality.

Educated people are often hamstrung by limiting philosophies that thinkers like Aristotle gave us from as far back as 350 BC. They govern how we perceive employees, market opportunities and our power to change the world. Present day evidence is provided to shift the thinking of your leaders into higher gear and leave some of their limiting thought patterns behind.

They learn to: jump start their brain with mental weight lifting; examine their belief systems and discover any self-imposed limitations; and, maintain mental and emotional composure despite external circumstances.



They gain a number of advantages related to both practical and mental capabilities:

  • Renewed power to find direction in conflicting situations where others may feel confused;
  • Greater tolerance for ambiguity;
  • Illumination of mental blind spots imposed by local cultures and traditions; and,
  • Liberation by The Law of Cause & Effect and how to apply it to change present reality.



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