Master the Art and Science of Successful Selling

Many companies are selling the wrong thing–customers and clients no longer spend money to acquire things and services. Sustained spending only comes when we offer a desired emotional experience.

The leader who is not skilled at persuasion must too often lean on position and title. We teach leaders how to get YES without being aggressive, authoritarian or pulling rank. Understanding how the human mind works in decision making leads to extraordinary abilities to sell ideas, negotiate and enroll others.



Persuasion Power is based on Alvin Day’s book of the same name. We provide participants with the proven five-step communication process that many multinational, Fortune 500 companies teach their people for development of persuasion skills. They will learn:

  • The primary factors that influence human decisions;
  • Why altruism and authoritarianism are not sustainable results generators in business or personal relations;
  • Clarity on the customer decision process—how to influence it;
  • The importance of feelings & emotions versus logic & facts;
  • What people really want and how to give it to them;
  • The importance of wants versus needs;
  • Why practical benefits are not enough to sell your ideas—what really works instead;
  • How to find the pain and leverage it kindly.



Leaders gain keen insights into the human mind—how it works and what it wants. This entails:

  • Improved selling skills for products, service, ideas and proposals;
  • Improved negotiating skills;
  • Greater skill at enrolling other, getting support and collaborating for mutual benefit;
  • Increased frequency of getting YES;
  • Better results, rewards and recognition.