Empower your Executives and Managers to Lead

Program Description

Based on Alvin’s executive coaching program, Leadership Leverage  is a presentation that is tailor-made for your team. The source is twelve months’ supply of leadership topics designed to increase effectiveness. In scope and delivery, each of them can range from a 45-90 minute keynote presentation to a one or two day workshop. These topics represent core competencies of Alvin Day and Global Empowerment Institute, resulting from 30 years of experience including: previous employment in leadership positions at Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb; management consultancy with Fortune 500 and multinational corporate giants; and, personal life experiences of leveraging failures to manufacture great success.

Subject areas from which to choose include: Intrapreneurship, Intellectual Horse Power and Productivity in Adversity. For more details on the specific subject areas from which we will craft a powerful Leadership Leverage message specifically for your team…