Master the 7 Universal Laws to Achieve and Prosper


Program Description

Based on Alvin’s best selling book of the same name, this is his leading message on personal and organizational transformation. In a world of dizzying changes, he delivers time honored, unchanging principles on which every ambitious success-seeker can depend. With captivating personal stories of his life from poverty to plenty, Alvin shares the power of vision, words, energy, abundance, contribution and more.

Alvin Day’s Personal Empowerment workshop will be a remarkable breakthrough event for your team. Participants learn to adopt a powerful way of thinking that attracts wisdom, financial growth and fulfillment. Watch as your team soars to new heights after learning the most important elements of achievement and prosperity.

In this powerful workshop, your team will learn how to:

  • Apply 7 subjects not taught in schools but vital to winning and success;
  • Convert hidden potential into actual performance;
  • Triumph over adversity and problems;
  • Create impressive results regardless of industry issues that slow others down;
  • Avoid the humdrum of daily routines devoid of passion and purpose;
  • Develop a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo and seek to reach beyond the ordinary;
  • Gain a renewed understanding of the rules of the game of life–how to achieve more, earn more and become more.

Your team’s performance does not have to depend on good or bad circumstances. Economic challenges, competitive threats and other perils of your industry become inconsequential. The Personal Empowerment workshop places the responsibility for success into the hands of your team, and then teaches them how to achieve it.

Through interactive exercises and self-evaluation, Alvin Day will create an environment designed to empower your team. This session has moved individuals from mediocrity to excellence, from ordinary to extraordinary.

“One month after Mr. Day spoke…I went from being just a mere Director to being a Presidential Director in my organization! It’s the first of three top positions, and I will be going to the top position by the need of the year. I just followed his Steps 1 and 2 and it propelled me to make more money than I have ever made.”
“[He] taught me that I should never settle for mediocrity. “

Yvonne Virtue – Presidential Director, Vision for Life

Audience experiences range from laughter to deep, belly-disturbing introspection and from thankfulness to dissatisfaction with the status quo. Success stories abound as listeners are spurred to take action. Individuals tell of doubling their incomes; getting raises within 30 days; improved relationship with a spouse; and changing from committing suicide to developing a 10 year life plan.