Harnessing the Power of You - Keynote

Master the Methods to Move Mountains

Program Description

Based on Alvin’s live DVD presentation to a sales team in Dallas, Harnessing the Power of You is an energizing session of passion, power and processes—processes to move mountains on your way to fulfill dreams.

Alvin’s stories are spell binding—from his childhood days with an abusive dreadlocks uncle in Jamaica, to growing up without electricity, inside toilets or running water, he leaves the audience with no known excuses to settle for mediocrity. This is an impassioned call to transcend fear, procrastination and “unforgiveness”—normal human vices—and live for higher purpose. Participants feel a magnetic pull to see the difficult as immediately achievable and the impossible as merely difficult. When you buy this way of thinking and being, selling your ideas, products and services becomes relatively easy.