Why Choose the Hard Way if not to Win?

Program Description

Based on Alvin’s live DVD presentation of the same name, Going for Gold, will challenge your team deeply. These are some of the transformative lessons they will learn: The easy way produces lackluster results at best; immediate gratification consumes life and it is done. The hard way of investing, preparing, training and building—if done well—yields rich rewards.

Participants’ journey from status quo to excellence is compared to the path of gold from under the mountain, through the hammer and anvil, through the fire, then the polish, and then to grace the mantelpiece with great economic and intrinsic value. The metaphor is a powerful reminder to endure hardship as necessary, in order to achieve one’s greatest potential and rewards in life.

From this presentation, each member of the audience must choose the way of purpose and significance, or the way of compromise and mediocrity. Filled with stories and real life experiences, the presentation is entertaining and gut wrenching, logical and emotional. Individuals learn the power of enduring hardships, doing the impossible and believing without tangible evidence—all in the interest of attaining breakthrough results and life changing gains. The outcomes include a spirit of resilience and robustness in the pursuit of excellence.

“After spending a day with Alvin, our entire organization was hungry to win in the marketplace. He ignited in them a burning passion for personal excellence. I have rarely seen them so fired up. His principles and techniques are inspirational, entertaining and practical at the same time.”

Yolanda Guerrero, Director, Colgate-Palmolive Company