BORN TO FLY - Workshop

Unleash your Power to Achieve & Prosper

Based on Alvin’s 6-CD audio program of the same name, Born to Fly helps listeners develop the wingspan and muscles to soar to the proverbial “next level.” This presentation addresses internal belief systems and external behavioral changes. Much focus is given to mindset—the thinking and belief systems that inhibit our path upward or help us accelerate and generate forward momentum.

The audience gets a clearer sense of what greatness means and develops a keen sense that it is within their grasp. Their appetites intensify with the growing awareness that this greatness can be attained with sharper focus, finely tuned vision and clarity of purpose. With the appetizing appeal of greatness looming large, participants must also contend with The First Priority…that those who want to fix and improve the world must begin by fixing and improving themselves.