Butterfly on Edge of Leaf (Alt Text)

Ready for Flight (Caption)

“After years of positive speaking & personal development, why’s my life still in predicament?”
(41 Year Old Go-Getter)

What is the great secret of life? Be persistent? He who is persistent and lacks judgment is insistent on ruin. Dream big? He who enjoys fantastic dreams without waking and taking action will live a nightmare. Work hard…take action? Without a worthy goal and higher purpose, work your fingers to the bone and all you get is bony fingers. Have a positive attitude? Many who are nice and positive are neither wise nor productive. The great secret of life is that there is no single secret…no elixir; no genie in a lamp; no silver bullet which, alone, will make you successful and happy. Success requires a maturing march toward an almost illusive place, which in your highest moment, you approach like an asymptote curving toward an axis.  No single personal empowerment push will satisfy. But take patience, kindness, thankfulness, humility and like virtues, and combine them with  big dreams, competence, persistence and action; it is then that you have power to be a success instead of always seeking to find it. That which you seek you must first become.

Continue to work on you. As you seek out greater empowerment, also seek to build your character. And avoid feeling disappointed when breakthrough doesn’t happen overnight.
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