If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I – Book



CAUTION: If you are satisfied with your life as it is, be aware that this book will disturb you with a fire-in-the-belly passion for greatness. Written in 8th grade language, this 168 page book is easy to read, yet adults often confess that they read it 7 or 8 times! Read it and you will gain the energy, mindset and practical techniques to soar to the next level in your life.

Potent, Unexpected Side Effects:

  • George Zhang received a promotion and improved relationship with his wife;
  • Tracy-Ann Wright who hated her job, fell in love with work and received her biggest raise yet;
  • Curtis changed his mind about killing a man;
  • Uncontrollable, misbehaving 9th grader at Immaculate High School, became model student;
  • Beth changed her mind about suicide; and,
  • Yvonne Virtue doubled her income in 30 days!

This book is for you if you are a self-improvement enthusiast, do-it-yourselfer, salesperson, or you just want your life to make a positive difference in the world. Achieving the good life is simpler than many people think. Like the caterpillar, born with all the genetic material needed to be a butterfly, you too were born to fly, to soar and excel, regardless of your present circumstances.




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