When Last Has a Keynote Speaker Ignited your Team with a ‘Fire in the Belly’ Passion for Life and Work, Leaving them Hungry for More?

Alvin Day is a riveting empowerment speaker who has electrified audiences across the world, imparting to them an intense passion and hunger to become more, do more and achieve more.

This game-changing transformational speaker has an innate, experience-based understanding of how the human mind works; what people want; and, how to get them to say YES more often and feel delighted.

You will find it easy to work with Alvin. He is low maintenance, adapts to the company’s culture and he delivers in a way that makes meeting planners look good! He presents fluently in Spanish and English and audiences love him. Alvin is available to speak for large corporations, trade associations, universities, direct marketers and small businesses. Topics include:

  • Going for Gold—Generate Excellence through the Pressure and Fire of Adversity
  • Move Mountains— Harness the Power of YOU
  • Transformational Power— Become More, Achieve More and Earn More
  • Magnetic Leadership—Attract and Inspire your People to Excellence
  • Persuasion Power—The Science of Science and Style of Successful Selling