Sample Monday Morning Power Pill

Sample Monday Morning Power Pill

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“After years of positive speaking & personal development, why’s my life still in predicament?”
(41 Year Old Go-Getter)

What is the great secret of life? Be persistent? He who is persistent and lacks judgment is insistent on ruin. Dream big? He who enjoys fantastic dreams without waking and taking action will live a nightmare. Work hard…take action? Without a worthy goal and higher purpose, work your fingers to the bone and all you get is bony fingers. Have a positive attitude? Many who are nice and positive are neither wise nor productive. The great secret of life is that there is no single secret…no elixir; no genie in a lamp; no silver bullet which, alone, will make you successful and happy. Success requires a maturing march toward an almost illusive place, which in your highest moment, you approach like an asymptote curving toward an axis.  No single personal empowerment push will satisfy. But take patience, kindness, thankfulness, humility and like virtues, and combine them with  big dreams, competence, persistence and action; it is then that you have power to be a success instead of always seeking to find it. That which you seek you must first become.

Continue to work on you. As you seek out greater empowerment, also seek to build your character. And avoid feeling disappointed when breakthrough doesn’t happen overnight.
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You Are Up to You!

When the teacher fails to generate excellent appetite and competence in the student, we fire the student and keep the teacher. The system is rigged! This is not to indict all teachers, but to suggest that you cannot depend on any person or institution to carry the burden for your growth, success and subsequent rewards. They are entirely up to you. It is the way of schools, Human Resource programs and life on Planet Meritocracy. Fail to excel and even your most legitimate excuses end up being excuses.

Are you growing and gaining ground fast enough in your work or business? If not, entice, enroll and engage your experts and leaders to give you more time and attention. Are your dreams and desires dim and distant? If so, find masters, gurus and coaches in your field of interest and seek permission to sit at their feet. Ask, listen and imitate; then learn, modify and create. What you want wants you, but you forfeit the opportunity when you complain about the system, the leader or the boss. Make them work for you.

ACTION–Take this Power Pill All Week Long  Find the right teachers–masters, gurus or coaches–whether they be alive or dead. Some of the greatest ones live only in books, audios and videos. Some are present in person, but it is up to you to ignite the flame. Determine what you will do this week to make growth and transformation happen to you for you.

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Source: Monday Morning Power Pill Posted on 06-18